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Best UX & UI Design, 3rd Diversity Hackathon

This project was designed in two days of the hackathon and is still work in progress.

Branding, UX and UI design: Anya Surnina and Lisa Lessenger. Developers: James Irwin, Peter Weyand, Brian Ray.


The world is a big place yet people tend to stay within their own cultural bubble. It's human nature to seek out other people with similar believes and views. According to the Public Religion Research Institute analysis, White Americans have 90 times more white friends than they have black, Asian, or Hispanic friends. People live in their own social bubble and miss out on learning opportunities and creating strong connections.


Find a way to bring people together despite their differences. Create an app that anonymously pairs people that have the largest cultural differences within their area. An app will be a great way to meet friends and to broaden perspective in life, thus making a user a more well rounded individual.

App Prototyping and Wireframing

  • app design process
  • app design process
  • app design process
  • app design process
  • app design process
  • app design process
logo bridge color choice


The name represents the main goal of the app—connecting different people. A bridge, as a structure, helps to bring people together physically. Figuratively, “building bridges” means connecting groups of people. Bridges are also associated with adventures. The app makes the adventure of meeting new people possible without leaving the current environment. Orange color was chosen to promote the feeling of being adventurous in users. Blue color represents social aspect of the app.

tamer user flowbridge user flow
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