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Furry feline friends are the source of joy for a lot of owners. But they can also display behaviors that aren’t so welcomed. Unlike dogs, cats are hard to train. The training usually requires having a tricky strategy and being present while the behavior is occurring.


Tamer is an app-driven set of devices that uses ultrasonic sound to positively or negatively reinforce a certain cat’s behavior. Tamer sensoring devices can be programmed to create “purr” or “hiss” zones that will sense cat’s presence and respond accordingly without the owner being present. Tamer also let’s owners to train their cat in real time.

App Prototyping and Wireframing

  • app design process
  • app design process
  • app design process
  • app design process

Identity Exploration

  • logo design process
  • logo design process
  • logo design process

Logo Creation

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logo design tamer typeface choice
tamer color choice
tamer wireframes and prototyping
tamer user flowtamer user flow

Tamer Devices

product design
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